December 2017 Letter to Our Supporters

Dear Friend,

Board members and volunteers. From left to right: Michelle Yook (board member), Stacey Hughes (volunteer), Nancy Eddy (board member and secretary), Eric Drattell (volunteer), Nancy Hammons (volunteer), Linda Drattell (board member and president), Ervin Berry (volunteer), Andria Campos (volunteer), Victoria Munoz (past board member), Elizabeth Grigsby (board member and treasurer). Missing board members: Austin Esposito-Vigil and Julie Rems Smario

The Bay Epicenter of Advocacy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (BEADHH), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 47-5295266), supports the aligned systemic advocacy efforts of local deaf and hard of hearing individuals and organizations. BEADHH aims to share best practices from top local advocates, and promote unified advocacy efforts.

Since its inception, BEADHH has accomplished the following:

  • Launched an information-rich website,, which serves as an advocacy toolkit: lists of laws, guide to resources, informational posts, sample advocacy letters, class action lawsuit guidelines, and interviews with local advocates.
  • Created a Facebook page to alert to local community in real-time about developing advocacy efforts:
  • Co-planned a two-day event, “Enough Is Enough – Collaboration for Change Conference.”
  • Drafted a letter co-signed by eleven state-wide deaf and hard of hearing organizations to the California Senate requesting that SB 562, the Healthy California Act, include communication access in all healthcare settings. Language interpretation and translation services were subsequently added to the “benefits” section of SB 562.
  • Collaborated with other organizations to request scoreboard captioning and captioning on concourse television screens at the Golden State Warriors games. The Warriors agreed to include captioning in their new arena.
  • Sent a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission detailing what deaf and hard of hearing Californians require for communication access during an emergency, in reaction to the lack of access to emergency evacuation warnings during the Northern California fires. Emphasized communication access in both emergency preparation and disaster response.
  • Spoke on behalf of Californians who are deaf and have other disabilities at a state-level public meeting sponsored by the California Department of Developmental Services. Emphasized insufficient communication access, deaf client support, training for deaf staff, and lack of transparency regarding DDS funding of services for deaf clients.


Please support BEADHH with a tax-deductible gift, whether it is $10, $25, $50, or any other amount will help BEADHH in its mission. Your gift will enable us to continue and expand this important collaborative work in the following ways:

  1. Maintain and update the BEADHH website
  2. Collaborate with other local organizations to provide presentations and conferences
  3. Cover related costs in our efforts for systemic change


To donate, please print and send the following information and your check payable to BEADHH to:


Elizabeth Grigsby

BEADHH Treasurer

1391 Le Havre Court

Livermore, CA 94551








Donation Amount___________________

Check Number     ___________________




Donate through the donation page on the BEADHH website:

We here at BEADHH wish you and your families a warm and healthy holiday season.


Linda Drattell

BEADHH President

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