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The Bay Epicenter of Advocacy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (BEADHH) supports the aligned advocacy efforts of local deaf and hard of hearing individuals and organizations. BEADHH aims to share best practices from top local advocates for achieving common goals, strengthening healthy dialogue, and promoting successful relationships with the hearing community by supporting unified advocacy efforts.

beadhh Concept

Each advocacy effort is like a strand of beads; when strung together advocacy efforts make a powerful impact.

beadhh Mission

Strengthen healthy dialogue and experience sharing among local deaf and hard of hearing individuals and organizations to ensure successful advocacy efforts.

beadhh Vision

Unified deaf and hard of hearing advocacy efforts promote a successful relationship with the hearing community to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing needs are addressed.

BEADHH focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Identify advocacy role models
  2. Partner seasoned advocates with individuals with a desire to advocate
  3. Work with advocacy leaders to create a tutorial based on past advocacy experiences
  4. Recognize the accomplishments of local advocates


To this end BEADHH has accomplished the following to date:

  • Created a Facebook page to alert the local community of advocacy efforts that are occurring. Since its inception in 2014, the BEADHH Facebook page has reached 4,759 individuals through its postings.
  • Created a website that serves as a toolkit for those advocating for themselves and others. As of December 2016, over 400 visitors found their way to the BEADHH website through the BEADHH Facebook page, with others finding the website through promotional materials. Generally, visitors have spent four minutes per session, viewing 2.3 pages on average per visit. Of these, 59.5% are returning visitors and 40.5% are new visitors.
  • Co-planned with other local organizations a two-day event, “Enough Is Enough – Collaboration for Change Conference.”


As part of the BEADHH website toolkit, BEADHH provides:

  • A list of laws, regulations and guidelines relevant for local advocacy efforts
  • A list of local resources
  • Interviews with local deaf, late-deafened, and hard of hearing advocates
  • A step-by-step approach to bringing a class-action lawsuit
  • How a bill is passed in the State of California
  • Posts related to recent advocacy issues
  • Sample advocacy letters


What BEADHH would like to do in the future :

  1. Maintain the BEADHH website: add videos providing ASL translations, and expand the website to explain additional laws such as the Unruh Act through captioned and signed video
  2. Interview additional deaf, late-deafened, and hard of hearing local advocates and share their experiences
  3. Collaborate with other local organizations to provide presentations and conferences
  4. Initiate efforts for systemic change



“beadhh is such a visionary concept which will bring together the agencies with support and resources. This will end the trappings of the silo effect.” — Julie Rems-Smario

“This info is fantastic! I’m on the Santa Monica Disabilities Commission and ad hoc chair for accessible technology (includes looping) and liaison with other commissions and agencies to encourage the concept of Universal Design. We have our work cut out for us. Keep up the good work!” — Nanci Linke Ellis, Hearing Loss Association of America –  San Diego Chapter

“Mazel Tov — WAYYYYYY about time!” — Anne Wicklund (Mr Paws)

“I am very impressed with your founding of beadhh and its mission (an organization like it was urgently required). Solidarity between hard of hearing and Deaf organizations is an imperative to achieving advocacy goals, and your experience, skills, and personality make you the ideal person to create the needed environment for bringing these two groups together for joint advocacy purposes.” — Josephine  Schallehn, Hearing loss Association of America – San Francisco chapter

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