Booth at 2017 Social Justice Conference. Michelle Yook and Linda Drattell sitting at the BEADHH booth smiling.
Board members and volunteers at the February 2017 BEADHH Pancake Breakfast Event. From left to right: Michelle Yook (board member), Stacey Hughes (volunteer), Nancy Eddy (board member and secretary), Eric Drattell (volunteer), Nancy Hammons (volunteer), Linda Drattell (board member and president), Ervin Berry (volunteer), Andria Campos (volunteer), Victoria Munoz (board member), Elizabeth Grigsby (board member and treasurer). Missing board members: Austin Esposito-Vigil and Julie Rems Smario
Linda Drattell presenting at Enough Is Enough conference on captioning advocacy, on October 23, 2015. The second part of the conference took place on November 6. Woman with light brown hair on right pointing to a screen showing five photos of successful advocacy efforts with BART. In the foreground are attendees watching the presentation.